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I Walk The Line.
Arakah as a child, I know you've seen her as a wolf, but tis
her childhood. :3
Small drawing, has a meaning behind it though.
Thank Yall so Much for 153 Watchers.
Never thought I'd actually go this far, thank you all so much. Seriously.
I love you all. ^^ Lillium's happy too.

Sunny and Dale

Chapter 32

Sunny awoke, her eyes opening half-lidded then fully after she remembered. She jumped up with her chest moving up and down. She looked around everywhere with her eyes. Occasionally moving her head left to right or to look behind her. Sunny then felt a dull stinging on her left front leg. The she-wolf looked down at her shoulder, she stared at the blue sort of design on it. It had looked like the one she picked to have.. she didn't think they'd actually put it on her body though... although it probably should've been obvious.

The paint, the picking of color, designs, the she-wolf should have figured it out much sooner. Sunny sighed and closed her eyes, her muzzle faced the ground. The sound of shifting and movement made her ears perk. That was the only thing that really moved. Her ears constantly shifted and twitched. Searching for the sound.

Then the sound of foot steps seemed to approach her, it continuously got louder. It seemed they had large or long claws, a feline maybe. Cause she knows for a fact that wolf claws don't clang against the ground or create scratching noises when walking. She hasn't heard it anyway. Sunny rose her head up and opened her eyes, first looking ahead then shifting them to look to her side. It was a feline that was approaching her. And their claws were definitely large. They sort of dragged against the ground when lifted. And created very faint, almost invisible, scratch marks on the ground. It was sort of scary to see claws like that. Sunny's expression didn't really change. She was just thinking. Her eyes were fixed on their claws, they could probably notice. The feline let out a low growl. Which caused the she-wolf to shift their eyes and instead look at their face. One of the feline's eyes appeared a white tinted blue with a darker shade of it around the pupil. Their pupil was strangely.. white.

It wasn't a color you'd ever expect to see unless on the sclera. "I know that my claws can be.. maybe noisy and distracting, but don't stare." The feline suddenly said, with an irritated look on her face. Muttering an insult. Sunny closed her eyes and frowned. She opened her eyes staring down at her paws then looking up at the feline. She rose her head up to level it with the feline's.

"SYLLA." A voice called, the feline looked alerted and as quickly as they could, turned around. Sunny leaned to the right to see past the feline's body. To see who had called their name. Sunny had no idea what stepped out of the shadows. They were tall, and had a muscular look, a strong build. They stood up straight but their eyes seemed tired. "Don't be rude, she told us to watch after her." The creature said.

Sunny rose her head to look up at them. They noticed and looked down at the she-wolf, lowering their head to get closer. "I'm sorry about that. She's not very fond of.. Those like you." They said, glaring at the feline.

Sunny nodded slowly and shifted their eyes to look at the feline. Their head was lowered and they looked upset in a way. The creature turned themselves around and walked to the exit. "My name's Aege by the way." They said before stepping out and leaving. The she-wolf nodded a little, feeling dizzy suddenly. She could still walk.. but she might tip over slightly or stop frequently when trying. The feline suddenly bumped into her. Sunny shook her head and opened her eyes, frowning at them. Something looked wrong in their eyes.. like they didn't know that they were standing there at all. The she-wolf moved out of the way, tilting her head at them. Confused. The feline turned their head slightly. Facing the she-wolf for a second before padding to the exit. Sunny watched them make their way out, still with a confused expression.

Kally opened her eyes slowly. Blinking a few times before opening them fully. She stared at a spot on the wall for a minute then looked to her left. The pup yawned before rising up to their feet. Kally turned her head to look behind herself, Auggie was resting not far from her. She nodded slowly and padded silently. She lied down near the entrance of the den and watched the rain fall. Kally's eyes fell half-lidded.

Her eyes looked incredibly dull. They lacked the glint of happiness or excitement she usually had. The pup tried their best to keep their eyes open, but there was a heavy weight on their eyelids that tried to push them down shut. Kally let out a deep sigh and looked up at the dark sky above. She stared at a bright, white, glint in the sky that glowed through the grey and heavy clouds. The white pup stuck their paw out from the cave and slowly turned it around. Her paw-pad faced up to the rain and clouds above her. Kally felt the cold rain-drops fall on her paw. Strangely, it made her feel sort of sleepy. She yawned silently and stared down at her paw with sleepy looking eyes. The pup soon closed their eyes and rested their head on the ground. Giving up on trying to stay awake. The rain continued to rapidly fall on her paw, it felt very cold and made it a little more difficult for her to sleep. For some reason, she didn't try to move it. Kally soon dozed off with the cold rain still falling. Cold gusts of wind eventually came by and blew through her fur. Making it look sort of ruffly. The cold wind soon got stronger and continued.

Causing Augustine to wake up not long after, he rose his head up from his paws and stared blankly at the wall. He looked incredibly annoyed as he shifted his eyes left and right. Augustine soon noticed the white pup lying near the entrance. This made him sort of worried, he yawned as he got up. He padded to Kally's side and nudged her. They didn't move. Auggie sighed. As he was about to nudge her again, she started to cough. This surprised Augustine, causing him to jerk his head back away from her. Kally's coughing soon stopped, right after she rolled onto her side.

Facing away from Auggie. She then started coughing again, on the last cough until it stopped.. some sort of goo came out of her mouth and splattered on the ground in-front of her. Augustine's ears folded back against his head as he stared at the muck. It looked thick, slimy, and disgusting. The color of it was pale beige.

The color made it look even more disgusting. Augustine shook his head and slowly got closer to the pup. He looked down at her. The muck was dripping from her mouth onto the stone ground. His teeth clenched together, he really didn't know what to do. Augustine closed his eyes for just a second then picked Kally up by her scruff. He rose his head and stared forward into mist. He leapt and began to run.

He wouldn't be able to help her, he hasn't ever seen something like this happen before. It would probably be best to bring her back. It wouldn't take Auggie long anyway.. their territory wasn't far away and at this pace he would be there quickly. That is if he could keep it up. Augustine spotted a large tree, blocking the path. His claws dug into the ground and left marks as he slowly started to slow down. He leaned his head back and was close to smashing into the tree. Augustine set Kally down and backed up to look at the fallen tree. Kally seemed to shake as her teeth clenched. She crouched down and closed her eyes, as if there was-- the thick ooze began to leak out of the small gaps in her teeth.

It began to leak rapidly and drip to the ground.. already creating a small puddle. Kally's mouth soon opened wide as the muck rushed out of her mouth. Augustine looked extremely terrified, and disgusted. The worst thing was that he was just watching. He wasn't doing anything to help her.. but he was afraid he'd do something wrong to make it worse. The pup eventually collapsed onto their side, their nose almost touching the gunk. Augustine took a deep breath and padded silently to the pup, he grabbed her by the scruff and pulled her away from the gunk slowly.

He eventually picked her up and hovered her above the ground. Auggie backed up from the fallen tree and crouched down. He lowered himself against the ground and stared up at the tree, he leapt up and dug his claws into the wood. Kally's side scraped against the wood. Her teeth clenched in pain. She kept back noises trying to escape her mouth. Augustine slowly began to climb up and stand.

He looked down at the ground and jumped. He landed on the ground on his feet. Augustine began to start running again to Nikita's territory, trying to get there as quickly as he could. He'd need energy.. he was using mostly all of it right now. Kally opened her eyes, half-lidded.

She stared at the moving ground below her and soon opened her eyes fully. She looked left and right anxiously. The pup eventually looked up at Augustine's face, he looked focused, worried as well. That is if you looked long enough. Kally stared at him for awhile before staring down back at the moving ground below. She felt the thick muck move up her throat again, she hated the feeling. Like a paw with no claws made of mud is trying to reach its way out. The pup's teeth clenched together as she tried to keep the disgusting thing in.

Kally swallowed, although the gunk left an awful taste. She stuck out her tongue in disgust. It was strongly bitter and tangy. The horrible taste stayed for a long time. Kally soon felt sick and dizzy, her head hurt and it pained her to keep her eyes open. So she kept them closed until she had fallen asleep. Augustine really hadn't noticed at all. He was just focused on getting her back. The muck leaked out of the pup's mouth slowly and dripped onto the ground, leaving tracks that were droplets and puddles of pale beige. It would eventually stop though.. It always did. Augustine leapt over a bush and stopped once he did. He panted and stared down at the ground, he shook his head and kept walking. He didn't walk for very long though-- running soon after. He needed to get her back to Nikita as fast as he could.

Blare opened her eyes after a long while and sighed. Her paw slid off her muzzle and rested beside her. She rose her head up, crossing her paws on top of each other as she did. Dale was lying down on his back staring up at the sky, Saba was still sitting at the left edge of the hill. Blare sighed deeply and lowered her head. Looking down at her paws. The she-wolf's eyes fell half-lidded as they continued to stare absently.

Soon, a flower landed on her right cheek. Blare flinched and faced the direction it came from. The flower landed beside her leg. One petal just slightly touching. She looked down at it and frowned. The she-wolf stared down at it, as if it reminded her of something, but she couldn't quite guess what it was. Blare sighed deeply and gave up on trying to remember. She lowered her head and picked up the flower by one of its petals. The grip she had on it was quite loose, a strong gust of wind blew by and pulled it away from her teeth.

Blare watched the flower get carried away from her. She watched it float to the ground beside the hill. The she-wolf sighed deeply, rolling onto her side, trying to ignore her surroundings to get stuck in her own mind again. The wind suddenly started up as she zoned out.

The she-wolf was completely still. Aside from her ears flickering occasionally, she was like a statue. The wind got stronger and blew through her fur.

Saba blinked rapidly a few times and lowered her head to her paws. Her teeth bared as she stared down at them. Her vision flickered between her paws and claws being covered in blood, and her paws being covered in white and dark blue paint. Saba shook her head and looked up to the sky. She stared up at the sun.. and she stared for awhile. The clouds had cleared away from the sky a bit ago.

The vixen continuously stared up at the sun until her eyes started to tear up. She lowered her head slightly and blinked. Her tears rolled down her face and fell, it took Saba a minute to realize it. She raised a paw up to wipe the tears away. Saba took a deep breath and slowly begun to stand.

She first noticed Dale lying down on his back. Saba's ears lowered a bit as she frowned in some sort of annoyance. As she was about to approach him, he rolled over onto his back. And that's when Saba had noticed the smile on his face. The vixen's ears lowered even more as she tilted her head in confusion. How could he be smiling right now..? she thought. Saba sighed and sat down, staring at the moving grass.

Dale opened his eyes and watched the grass move in the wind in-front of him. He rolled over onto his back and looked up at the sky. He reached
out a paw to the bright sun above him. The sky which was once a bright blue was tinted orange and some dull pink in places.

He grinned and rolled onto his side, getting up to his feet. Dale's eyes flickered between Saba and Blare. They both looked tired, down, and dull. His happy smile soon turned into a frown as his eyes flickered between the two. He lowered his head slightly and sighed. "We should get going.." Dale said, turning around to jump down from the hill. Blare and Saba's heads turned to Dale once they first heard a sound.

Blare's eyes widened slightly as she watched her friend jump off the hill. After, she quickly tried to get to her feet. She looked hurried.
As she did, she nearly fell over. Blare soon stood. She turned her head to the quiet giggle. Saba was grinning at her.

The vixen's eyes shifted to the spot where Dale once was. Saba's eyes had moved before she could notice Blare was looking back at her.

The she-wolf took a deep breath before following Saba. She watched the fox leap down before leaping down herself. Blare sighed before doing so, she landed on her feet, muttering something as she landed on the grass. She looked up and noticed Dale smiling at her. She smiled softly back. Though.. the smile was probably visibly fake. Dale waited for Blare to get closer to them before moving on back to the trees again.

Blare watched the two head back into the forest before her, she looked down at her feet before following them. She could've sworn she had forgotten something.. but she couldn't quite remember what. She wasn't gonna give up on trying though. It could be something important.

The air was stagnant, and cold. The area was so quiet. Sunny really didn't like it. Two wolves had come earlier, and they had told her to follow them. The she-wolf did so without any questions or protest. Sunny's eyes frequently moved to the walls, floor, ceiling, and in front of her. She had never been so anxious in her life. Sunny extremely disliked how it felt in the place. It really wasn't what she was used to.  She was entirely okay with quiet, but she had never really heard absolute silence before. The sound of wind blowing, quiet chatting of others, or anything else like that to cause noise was what she usually heard. It felt so strange.

She started to wonder how the place stayed completely silent at all. The she-wolf's eyes flickered between the two wolves in front of her. Then they both stopped. Sunny panicked an stopped dead in her tracks behind them. The two wolves looked back at her, almost looking angry. Sunny thought so anyway.

"Wait here, and do not move from this spot." One of them said. Their voice deep and serious sounding. Sunny swallowed and nodded slowly at them.
The two looked at each other for a second before sprinting off down the hall. They leapt up at the same time and stayed beside each other as they
ran. Sunny closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Having those two away from her relaxed her somewhat.

She said down and tried to calm herself down further. She thought maybe if she calmed herself now, she wouldn't be so panicky with those two once the come back. The sound of a quiet whimper caused Sunny to open her eyes.

There was something in the air now.. Sunny's teeth clenched together in fear, it was the scent of newly spilled blood, fresh blood. The she-wolf looked to the open entrance that wasn't quite far from her. She was entirely just shaking now.

One step closer, she took only one step closer. And the quiet whimper came again. The sound of something sharp carving through flesh came before it. Sunny collapsed down onto the ground and put her paws over her eyes. She curled up into a ball, her tail in front of her nose. Then.. The noise she fretted at the moment came to her.

Footsteps.. Heavy, sounding footsteps. Like it was carrying something heavy-- or it was just a large creature and that was its weight. Sunny realized that she had made noise when she had dropped to the grey floor. The she-wolf shouted insults at herself in her head. The footsteps became louder, and finally.. A large paw came out from the large entrance in the wall.

"Don't look- don't even open your eyes..." Sunny whispered to herself, her voice barely audible at all. She barely heard herself.

The she-wolf sighed deeply and muttered an insult to herself. Sunny removed one paw that covered one of her eyes. That uncovered eye opened up slowly to see what was in front of her. She couldn't fight the urge to look at the thing.. Despite her overwhelming fear.

The thing had some sort of mask on, it covered its entire head. The look was definitely interesting.. It had the colors black, red, and dark blue on it. Some bits of white were seen as well. Blood.. dripped from what seemed to be the 'bottom jaw' of the mask. It was shaped like some sort of animals mouth, for sure. She couldn't figure out which though... Maybe it was a mixture of two. Sunny couldn't see how the mask could pierce anything at all.. It confused her completely. The mouth of the mask was just like two pieces of wood.

If it clamped down of something, it could definitely hurt... But.. Pierce? No way. She knew she had heard something sharp cave and pierce through the flesh of some sort of animal in there. The thing soon noticed Sunny, and looked her way. her eyes widened as she saw the mask move to face her direction. Fear clung to her like a fur coat and claws digging through her back.

It took steps closer to her until it was just before her. Sunny looked up at it with her widened eyes, Clearly terrified. You wouldn't be bale to mistaken the look in her eyes for anything else, but pure fear. The mask lowered down and hovered just above her muzzle. Sunny's paw slid off her face and rested at her side like the other did. the blood dripping from the bottom jaw of the mask dripped onto her muzzle.. She didn't even flinch at all, she was just paralyzed by fear, completely.

The mask lowered even more, nearly touching Sunny's nose now. Blood continuously dripped onto her muzzle. It dripped and stained he fur. Small drops of it had already fallen onto the grey ground, they looked like crimson beads lied out on the floor.

A breath came out from the mask, it came from the mouth of the thing. It blew into Sunny's face. The she-wolf had closed her eyes as it did because it had felt like a strong breeze of wind had just been blown in her face. The she-wolf kept her eyes screwed shut at that point. Not wanting to look at the horrifying and unsettling mask anymore. Sunny hadn't even gotten the chance to look at the creature's body yet. She was entirely distracted by the large, and strange mask that covered its whole face and head. It was truly monstrous.. She really didn't want to look at it again. If she could get the chance to entirely forget what the mask looked like-- she would take it. No matter what it was.

The she-wolf felt something nudge her, it caused her to open her eyes just the slightest. The two wolves had come back- somehow silently. Sunny didn't even hear them coming at all. She started to wonder if the two were even normal... Everything here in this place seemed to be strange.

"Let's go, and once we get there.. If you ever--" The wolf to her right started, the one to her left cut them off and gave them a glare.

"Control yourself. Mistress wouldn't be very happy if she saw you acting this way.. your last line is already thin, and ready to be cut." They said sternly. Sunny's ears fell against her head. She really didn't want to bother the two. The one to her right whispered 'Okay' meekly, lowering their head, and waiting for the other to pass by them. "Get up." The left one said, directed at Sunny. The she-wolf followed immediately.

Her eyes flickered between the two again. Actually looking at their appearance, fear was overwhelming her so much before that she couldn't really pay attention to it. She noticed the two looked almost the same.. Nearly identical. The differences were eye color and height. On their tails were halves of a heart-- Sunny wondered about it. If their tails were to be put very close together.. Would it make a heart?

Sunny's eyes were glued to the floor as she thought. Her ears perked up to a single laugh, coming from one of the two in front of her. She was guessing the one to her left. As their voice was more deep. "I'm surprised you even came back without a worse punishment, Laurene." They snickered.

She was guessing that the right one was Laurene, it seemed like it anyway. The difference in both of their personalities was clear.

Laure lowered her head further and looked down at the ground, at her paws. She took a deep breath before responding. "It doesn't matter, okay."
They said weakly. Not sounding confident about their words at all.

"Oh my.. doesn't matter? Has my younger sibling forgotten about the Hyvennaire?" They paused and shifted their eyes to Laurene. To tell their answer by their expression. Laurene's eyes were wide and her teeth were bared a bit, she had definitely forgotten.. "Tch, that deserves much more than just burning. I may just have to tell Mistress about that... poor you." Their snickers became louder, and turned into laughter.

"Just leave me alone, Accalia." Laurene said, sounding upset. Accalia's laughter only became louder as she trotted ahead. Sunny frowned a little and wished that Accalia hadn't been so mean to their younger sibling-- although she really didn't know them.. She didn't like how they acted.

A strange scent entered the air. Sunny rose her head up a little bit and sniffed the air, her teeth clenched together in some sort of pain as she put her paw over her nose. The scent was strong and burned her nose. It seemed a little bit like.. Mint maybe? It must be mint. Sunny then noticed the vines growing out from a entrance that she presumed they were heading to. A light shined out from it. A white and light orange sort of light. Sunny was hoping that it was what she thought it was. Though... She highly doubted that it was. False hope.. False hope. The she-wolf thought.

Sunny had been right, they were heading into the bright entrance. Accalia looked back at Sunny before heading in, they pushed Laurene with their shoulder, attempting to knock them over. The attempt had failed-- though, Laurene was close enough to doing it. They glared at their older sibling and looked down at the ground after. Looking extremely discouraged.

"H-hey.. get in here." Laurene said, stuttering. Their voice sounded doubtful. Like she doubted that Sunny would listen to them. The she-wolf nodded a little before following them in.

Sunny's eyes flickered from right, left, and up. The room was definitely large.. The walls were tall and covered with moss and vines. The vines overlapped and tangled with each other. Her ears lowered back against her head as the minty scent became stronger. It hurt her nose quite a bit. It really did burn.. Sunny could only wish that it would go away. Her eyes flickered up once to look in front of her. Sunny stopped moving and stared down at her paws, she rose her head up and looked again.

There was a thick and tall tree right there in the ground. The tree was definitely the tallest one she has ever seen.. The tallest tree she's seen would probably make up only a quarter of the tree in front of her. She couldn't even tell where the top of it was... She was sure that it went up through the ceiling. Moss covered the large hole, of course there were gaps in it that let in some light. It seemed the tree went through it though.

The tree was more red than it would ever be brown. The she-wolf had never seen a red tree before, well.. Until now at least. Sunny lowered her head and shifted it left and right. Her neck sort of ached from looked up for so long. Sunny then noticed the large wolf-like creature that curled around the tree. Their pelt was a pretty white, Sunny had to stare a little longer to see that it actually glimmered in the light. Her eyes went a little wide at them. Their long and bushy tail wrapped around the red tree.

The she-wolf was disturbed by their legs though.. it seemed sort of mutated. Like other halves of legs grew out of it, it seemed that way from where she was at. Sunny couldn't really see another canine-like creature behind them. So that's what she assumed.

Their tail seemed thick.. It looked like it would actually weigh them down if they tried to get up or walk. The creature's head rose up and stared. Sunny stayed entirely still once she saw their eyes on her, it made her feel uncomfortable.

"Mistress, we brought her." Accalia said with a sort of happy tone. "We finally did. She's been in naukl for so long, that isn't normal for magous is it? We've never had others be inactive for that long before." Laurene commented, sounding a little concerned. The creature closed their eyes as their rose themselves up. As they walked towards the three-- their steps sounded like rocks falling from heights.. stomping. The noise echoed throughout the entire area. Sunny wouldn't dare move.

"Achazia.." A weak voice said, Sunny flinched to it. The creature-- Achazia turned around and stared back at the tree.

Sunny tilted her head and lowered down. Trying to see what the large creature Achazia was looking at. There seemed to be another creature like her. Their pelt was the same white.. The difference between them was that the other had lavender markings. And instead of having swirls and vein markings, they had cut-like markings. They definitely weren't stripes.

"Accalia, Laurene, leave." Achazia said, their voice was deep and controlling. Accalia nodded and lowered her head. She kept herself in that position for at least a minute before trotting over to their younger sibling. Sunny frowned when Accalia nipped Laurene's ear.

Sunny looked up and saw Achazia approaching her again. Her ears lowered back against her head as they got closer. The she-wolf took a deep breath and put on a fake face. She made herself look like she wasn't afraid.. but in reality she was. She was hoping that they wouldn't see her fear.

"C'mon, we gotta hurry up. The pack could be in trouble.." Nikita fretted, her tail patted against the ground lightly as her walking speed increased.
Isla took a deep breath and sighed. She wished the she-wolf hadn't worried so much. Why would they go so far if she worried about the pack that  much? She shook her head and just focused on keeping pace with Nikita.

The she-wolf was trotting now. Isla frowned and rolled her eyes at it. "You think you could move a little slower? I don't think I can even trot with all these stinging cuts.." She said with her voice far deeper than Nikita had ever heard. The she-wolf looked back at their friend and slowed down til' they had been side to side with them. "Sorry.. I just care about them so much." Nikita said, dipping her head a little.

Isla's eyes lifted up from her paws and looked over at Nikita. "I doubt that anything could've happened while we were gone, but.. I guess you never really know." The she-wolf said, speaking with a soft voice. Exactly after she had said that-- the wind started to grow stronger. Nikita felt it first. She rose her head up and stared in the direction where the wind came from. Her eyes were focused. They traveled over the trees, bushes, and everything else in that direction she could see, carefully.

The two walked slower as they felt the wind move through their fur. It felt unnatural. Isla lowered her head more and stared in that direction as well, looking for movement of any kind besides the trees and bushes. Her head rose up just the slightest. She could've sworn she saw something with a dark and foggy color shift.

Nikita frowned and sighed quietly, Isla's ears perked a bit once she heard it. She looked up at the silver blue she-wolf. "Let's just go.." Nikita said. Her voice sounded soft and focused. Isla nodded a little and padded ahead of Nikita. She followed slowly behind Isla.

As the two walked, Nikita looked to her right frequently. She was trailing behind Isla often. Her ears were perked up. She was aware of every sound that she could hear around her. Isla looked back at the silvery blue she-wolf once before continuing on to the pack territory. She was hoping that when they got there, Nikita would stop being so focused and alert. It made her sort of worry about Nikita.

She really didn't know why-- but she was. Isla noticed the air sort of got.. Stuffy somehow? She stopped in her tracks and rose her head up a little more. There was no way that it could've gotten stuffy outside in an open area. There's fresh air everywhere- how could that be possible at all? Isla shook her head and told herself that it was probably just her. Maybe it's just my nose.. she thought.

Nikita smelled something different, she rose her head up and sniffed the air again. It definitely was something heavy.. as Nikita was thinking about the strange scent, she felt a sudden pain from it. Her head lowered down quickly.

She placed her paw over her muzzle. The silvery blue she-wolf had started to walk slower from there. The scent was sort of like smoke before-- but now it was burning. It caused her to have a burning pain on the insides of her nose, the burning was sort of on her muzzle too. Isla didn't seem to notice anything at all.. everything in her view seemed quiet. She couldn't quite hear anything but a faint ringing. Nikita's teeth bared a little bit as she removed her paw from her muzzle, she stared down at her paw pad and claws. They had smudges and spots of blood on them..

Blood trickled from Nikita's nose to the ground. It dripped down her lip and teeth, as her mouth was sort of opened. She had started to cough once the dark crimson fluid had reached her tongue. The taste of it was highly bitter. And once she tasted it-- it felt like she had inhaled a large amount of something like smoke. That's why she had started to cough.

The blood from her nose started to bleed profusely, a puddle already being created between her paws. Nikita couldn't think. The she-wolf stayed completely still as everything was going on. In her eyes, she looked terrified. Nikita didn't know what to do about anything. Loud ringing was what she heard through her ears. Nikita's head jolted up once she heard a loud thud. The last thing she saw was Isla falling over to her side. Nikita's vision flashed bright red, then black.


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