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This is little puppy Cocoa, this little pupper ties to a human
character I have named Julie. (I have a human OC? Surprising. I know.)
I have very few of them, but I do have them. I'm writing a little
story for Julie too. If you're interested in reading it, come note me. If you want to.
^^; Note that the story is when she is a child, currently, she is 17.

Sunny and Dale

Chapter 30

Kally opened her eyes to see a bright blue sky. And.. sand. She jumped up and looked around the area. It looked nothing like where she was before, and Rayne was nowhere to be found. Questions filled her mind as she slowly started to move around. The place was pretty, there was a large tree to her right. It had white leaves with white and red flowers growing on the branches. Kally of course liked the place.. But it still didn't make any sense. Why was she there, what brought her here? Questions only filled her mind. The pup sighed and tried her best not to think about it. Kally looked up at the tree and stared at it for a moment. "It's so pretty," she said..? No voice came when she spoke. The youth started to panic. Her voice wasn't there. She was internally screaming. Kally took deep breaths and tried to calm down. 'It's all fine, it's all.. fine.' she thought. Kally sat down and lowered her head, closing her eyes as her head faced the sand. She soon opened her eyes to only stare. "It's all fine! Just relax.." she said, still no voice coming through. Kally looked up at the tree and noticed a way to get up. There was a... Bridge like object leading up to the top of the tree. The youth walked up to it and raised her paw up to step. She took a deep breath before doing so. She took slow steps. Kally felt as if she was gonna fall at any moment. The youth took a deep breath before dashing up the object. It went round and round up the tree. The white pelted pup panicked when almost slipping off the edge. Kally rushed up to the top, letting out a sigh of relief. She let out a breath and collapsed onto her side. Closing her eyes as her side hit the floor. The youth slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the sky. Her eyes widened. The sky was a bright blue with golden sparkles.. Kally rolled onto her back and stared up at the sky. It got darker as she stared. Bright blue lines and circles appeared. Later on, orange glowing stars. Kally suddenly felt.. very tired. The youth closed their eyes and smiled. "Back to reality," She heard a voice say. Kally's eyes shot open, then everything just went black seconds after. A distorted quiet voice she could barely hear came through. The last word was faint and inaudible.

"Our own Little World, a Haven. Right, [____]?"


Kally gasped and jumped up. She looked around and.. She was back with Rayne. The she-wolf beside her had woken up the same time she had. The youth took a deep breath and closed her eyes. 'Was it really a dream?' she thought for a moment. Rayne rose her head up and shifted her eyes to the pup beside her. The she-wolf nudged them with her snout. Kally opened her eyes and looked at the she-wolf. "Um.. Morning!" They said nervously, turning their head to face the she-wolf. Rayne nodded and smiled, her smile soon dropped as she stood up. Rayne took a deep breath and let it out slowly before padding out from the circle. Kally watched the she-wolf walk away, the youth wondered where she was going. The pup waited for Rayne to past the bushes before she could follow her. Kally padded quietly behind the she-wolf. Hiding behind tree to tree as Rayne went on walking to wherever she was going. Rayne soon stopped and stood still for a long moment. Kally watched closely. Leaning in to look closer sometimes. The she-wolf walked up to a triangle with dark brown lining, it had golden coloring in it. The youth slowly leaned in closer, she was curious about it. And what Rayne was going to do. Rayne's front legs stood in the middle of the triangle, her back legs on the dark brown lining. The she-wolf raised her paw up and put it on her neck. Pressing down just a bit for a short moment. The youth tilted their head and didn't understand what the she-wolf was doing at this point. Rayne closed her eyes, a long silence came. The pup waited for something. Rayne's humming broke the silence, the she-wolf kept their paw on their neck as they hummed. Kally's mouth opened slightly, she was surprised. The she-wolf's voice was beautiful from what she heard. The youth wondered what song they were humming. She couldn't really make out the words at all.. Except for one. 'Every word, I hear defiance.' was the only one she could make out from Rayne's humming. Kally listened to the rest of the humming, which really wasn't long at all. The she-wolf stopped almost minutes after. Kally wondered how Rayne was humming when her voice was taken.. As much as she wanted to ask them. She decided not to. The youth let out a sigh and closed her eyes as she lowered her head. Kally's ears perked to the sound of Rayne's footsteps. The pup kept their eyes closed for a short moment, then followed them back. Silently.

Dale lowered his ears while his eyes followed the fox circling him. "They're horrible wolves, Dale!" Saba shouted, Dale looked up at the vixen that was now before him. He said nothing and sighed, closing his eyes. "You know that there is a Shiqui in your pack, why not tell your father?! They've killed MANY of those in your pack." Saba frowned at him as her teeth gritted. Dale stood silent as Saba kept on talking, and complaining. They both went silent and turned their heads to the sound of footsteps entering the den. Blare took a few steps in and tilted her head, wondering what the two were even talking about. "What are you guys arguing about now?" The she-wolf questioned, shifting her eyes to the angry vixen. "This little.. Idiot isn't listening to me!" Saba shouted as she turned her head to glare at Dale. Blare's ears lowered and she frowned at Saba. "What are you two talking about." She asked, looking down at the vixen. "Shiqui." Dale said, Blare looked up and stared at him for a moment. The silence went on for quite awhile. "Why are you talking about them, exactly?" The she-wolf questioned him. Saba pulled on Blare's ear to get her attention. Blare pulled her head away and glared at the vixen. "He told me there was a Shiqui in his pack while we were talking." Saba said, pausing and glaring at Dale for a short moment. "I was telling him why he should go back there and tell his father. Shiqui are not to be trusted." The vixen finished and sighed. Blare nodded slowly as she looked down at Saba. Dale sighed and lowered his head down, closing his eyes. Blare shifted her eyes to look at the male. "Why don't you Dale. They're the wolves that.." Blare said, then paused. Looking down at the grey ground below her. "Killed a certain family member of yours," She finished and looked down at her paws. Dale's eyes shot open once Blare finished talking. Dale's teeth clenched together in anger and pain, he took a deep breath to calm himself down. "I guess I will." He said with an angry tone. Saba smiled and nodded as she looked at the male wolf. "Good, once your father finds them.. They should be killed." Saba said as she smiled. "Horrible low-lives.." The vixen whispered. "Why do you keep calling them that?!" A voice said angrily. Saba's ears perked as she turned her head to look at the entrance. Sunny was there, with an angry and upset look on her face. She snarled as her claws dug into the ground. Leaving four claw marks. Saba frowned at the orange she-wolf and growled. "What are you talking about?!" The vixen yelled as she bared her teeth. Sunny's teeth gritted as she stared at the vixen with a cold look. Dale lowered his ears as he watched the two. Blare only stared at them, blankly. "They're horrible. Wolves, Sun! They walk in, acting as if they're innocent and kind. Then they turn their backs on wolves who had respected them." Saba said, pausing to look up at the she-wolf. The vixen took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "They've attacked many packs. Packs that didn't deserve the extra pain, those that are innocent. Does that not mean anything to you, Sun? Not all wolves are good! Its-- ugh. They're low-lives, those that are.." Saba stopped and sighed as her teeth clenched together. "They're just misguided wolves okay?" Sunny said as she looked down at the ground. "Very misguided.." She mumbled. Saba took a deep breath before saying anything. "I use to.. Be in a pack of wolves. My father got the alpha to agree with him. I was one of the ten foxes that lived in a wolf pack." The vixen paused and looked down at her paws. Sunny tilted her head at the fox, still frowning at her though. "There use to be many Shiqui that lived there. Shiqui in disguise, they made up most of the pack. Almost half of it." Saba continued with an upset and angry look on her face. Dale wondered where the story was going.. didn't seem to look like it was going down a good path. To him at least. "Soon enough, after a year of living in the pack. They started stealing and hurting others. And the alpha could never figure out who did it, so he stared blaming us. My father, and the rest of the foxes wit him. My father would always come back angry and upset, and he would take out his anger on me. Making it a difficult childhood." Saba finished, she closed her eyes and sat down with a frown. Sunny lowered her ears and took a step back from the fox. Dale stood there as if his paws were stuck in ice. "That's why I hate them, despise them. They're nothing but a collection of wolves possessed by devils from the darkest. Made by them even. Riffraff thieves, not to be trusted at all.." Saba's claws dug into the ground. "I watched my friends disappear, my parents die of a reason they were never apart of. And innocent wolf pup's parents die." The vixen growled quietly and looked up at the she-wolf. "Do you understand? Why I hate all Shiqui? The darkness in their heart can never be cleansed." The vixen growled. Sunny raised her paw up and scratched the ground, it left 4 dents. "Maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!" The she-wolf snarled with great anger in her voice and eyes. Saba took a step back as her mouth gaped opened. Dale lowered his ears as he stared at Sunny. With fear and confusion in his eyes. Sunny took a few steps back, lowering her head down to the ground for just a second. She dashed off into the bushes and trees. Dale jumped out of the den and watched the she-wolf disappear. "Sunny, Wait!" He shouted, his voice echoed through the now silent forest. Blare sighed and padded out of the den, stopping for a short moment before darting into the forest. Dale followed the grey she-wolf, Saba hesitated to follow the two of them.

Isla pressed her paw against the wall, she pulled it off and stared at the blue paw print. She smiled happily, her tail wagging behind her. Isla looked back at her tail as she felt someone tug on it. Kaled was staring at the she-wolf with a frown on his face. Isla tilted her head and thought for a second. She smirked and poked his nose with her paw. Kaled moved his head back as the she-wolf did. He lifted his paw up to his nose, he looked down at it and stared at the blue paint. He glared at the dark pelted she-wolf. Isla giggled and turned back to the wall. Kaled sat beside her as he wondered what she was doing. Isla put two other paw prints beside the first one she did. She smeared the two beside the middle one, she smiled happily and put her paws together. "What are you even doing..?" Kaled asked as he tilted his head to the side. Isla shifted her eyes to the male. Her tail swung to her left and hit Kaled in the face. He stood up and growled at the she-wolf quietly. Isla laughed and jumped away from him, running off. Leaving blue paw prints, that slowly faded as she ran. Kaled rolled his eyes and sighed before following the tracks. He looked over to the right and watched the she-wolf dip her paw into a small circle full of water. He tilted his head and wondered why the water didn't change into a different color. It was still clear as can be. Isla looked over at Kaled, and rolled her eyes with a smirk. "Wanna see snow?" She asked with a smile. The male tilted his head and nodded slowly. The she-wolf leaped over the bushes and darted off into the trees. Kaled followed them with curiosity and confusion. There was no snow anywhere. He looked down at the ground as he followed the she-wolf. Isla pulled on his ear and slowly moved him out of the bushes to a lake. Kaled pulled away from her and glared at her. He looked at the water. It was all iced up, with snow covering most of it. His ears lowered as he stared at the snow scattered, covering almost every inch of ground near the lake. He wondered how the snow got here. Isla's ears perked up like she heard a noise. She smirked and leaned forward. "Hey, I hear a song. Let's go." Isla said as she leaped up and ran to the wall of ice connected to the lake. Kaled didn't hesitate to follow her. "Stay quiet, alright?" Isla whispered as she turned her head to look in the skinny opening of the ice wall. He took a step to the left to see better. His ears perked to listen. "It's just fur and bones, nothing inside.. Crying alone. Thoughts tied, themselves in knots 'round the heart. It beats in time." The familiar voice sang. Kaled leaned closer to see Sunny and Nikita. Sunny was sitting beside Nikita as she sang. The orange she-wolf seemed happy and excited. Nikita looked nervous but joyful. Isla laughed quietly and leaned back, sitting. Kaled turned his head to look at her. He tilted his head just a bit. "If you..-" Isla stopped as her ears perked up to the voice. Sunny's words were muffled and faint. Kaled lowered his ears and took a step back away. Isla sighed, Kaled stared at her left ear. It drooped slightly. His mouth opened, he thought for a short moment. He sighed and walked away into the bushes. Isla looked back for a second before following him. "You never told me it would be upsetting." He said after a short moment of silence and rustling leaves. The she-wolf looked down at her paws as her left ear drooped to the side of her head. Kaled sighed and looked away. The whole time they walked was silence and quiet, inaudible whispers.

Maschera nudged Rayne with her snout and raised her head up. Waiting for them to open their eyes. Rayne opened one and looked up at them. The she-wolf closed their opened eye, their chest moved up and down once. Like they was taking a deep breath. Maschera looked to the left and padded away. Rayne slowly got up and followed them as the voice from the green and red bracelet whispered to her. "I have bad feelings about this, Dia." The voice whispered. The red gem glowed a eerie dim light. Rayne lowered her head and looked down her the bracelet, she nodded slowly. "Then why are you following them? You don't have to." The voice whispered to them, softly. Rayne rose her head up and looked up at the sky. She closed her eyes for a short moment. Maschera's footsteps stopped suddenly as the she-wolf opened her eyes. Rayne sat down and rose her paw up to look a the bracelet. Rayne's ears lowered as she smiled, tears formed on her eyes. Soon enough her tears were so thick that she couldn't see anything but blur. Maschera rose her head up as her eyes shifted to look back at Rayne. She closed her eyes for a short moment. Maschera's tail landed on her muzzle, against her eyes. Rayne sneezed and looked up at the she-wolf as Maschera's tail slid off her muzzle. Rayne looked up at them confused. Maschera looked down at her and frowned. Rayne sighed and nodded slowly as her eyes shifted to her left. Distorted barks, howls, and other noises came from ahead. "Be on your guard.." The voice said, quiet and faint. The noises got louder as if they were getting closer to them. The bracelet glowed a dim light, an inaudible voice came through. Rayne couldn't make anything out of it, it was too quiet and.. broken. The red gem on the bracelet stayed a dim eerie red glow. Soon it glowed brightly, while the green part looked extremely dim. The she-wolf lowered her ears and took a step back as she stared down at the ground. "It's not there you know." Maschera said with a frown on her face. Rayne looked up at them and tilted their head in confusion. She was clearly hearing the noises, unless she was out of her mind. "It's all in your head. Only you." Maschera said as she walked away. Rayne watched the she-wolf disappear into black smoke and fog. She continuously backed away as she stared up at the black smoke before her, she was afraid and confused. Afraid of the distorted noises, confused about Maschera's words. Rayne wasn't sure if it was a nightmare. Or a hallucination. Maybe it wasn't anything of what she thought it was.

Braylon continued to stay silent, sitting still with small movements as he stared at the ground. Kally stared at him for a moment, then looked down at her white paws. She closed her eyes and waited for him to say something. It was quiet for quite awhile. Braylon slowly raised his head up to look at the white pup before him. "Do you think this's act'ually a good idea?" He said, tilting his head with a frown. Kally looked up at him and opened her eyes. She stared at him for awhile, then took a deep breath before answering. "It was just an idea.." She muttered as she looked down at her paws again. Braylon stood up and moved his left paw forward, Kally's eyes widened when she saw. She quickly looked up at him and stared for a short moment. "What are you even gonna do up there. What is the purpose? What could a little white pup do up in the mountains." He said snapped. Not stuttering or pronouncing anything differently. Kally lowered her ears and sighed, she looked up and turned her head to the left. She rose her head up slightly to look up above the trees. The youth could see the tips of a few mountains. Covered in white snow. She closed her eyes and kept her head in its current position. "I just want to see what it's like. To be in a place similar to where I grew up, where I was raised." Kally said, quietly. Almost faint. Braylon turned his head and followed Kally's gaze up to the snow covered mountain tops. He lowered his ears and sat down. His head lowering with his eyes half closed. Kally slowly stood up and padded out of the place. She didn't really want to be there anymore. Kally stopped to look back at Braylon, he was still sitting. Almost like a frozen statue, no signs of movement at all. The pup sighed and leaped up, starting to run off. She looked down at her moving paws for a moment. Kally looked up, her eyes widened as she saw a wolf standing near in the direction she was heading. The youth slowed down, her claws dug into the dirt. Leaving long claw marks on the ground. She looked up at the wolf to say sorry. Though the wolf seemed familiar, her eyes focused on the wolf's face. It took a short moment. Kally smiled up at them. They laughed and leaped up over the pup. They gestured to the right where a clear path seemed to be. Kally nodded slowly and hesitated to follow them onto the path. She shrugged off her concerns and trotted to keep up with him. 'Longer legs, longer strides' she constantly thought as they walked down.

Sunny continued to run. Her paws, tail, and underfur were covered in mud. She constantly stepped in puddles of water. Sunny was probably far from everyone now, but she continued to run away. She didn't want them finding or catching her any time soon at all. The she-wolf soon tripped on a stone, she landed on her back and slid down a rough stone hill. Moss grew on the top and sides. Sunny landed on her side, her eyes were closed as her teeth clenched together. She sighed and slowly got up, blood trickled from a small cut on her right front leg. There was a small bruise on the side of her mouth. Sunny collapsed into a lying position. She looked back at the stone hill and rose her head, looking up at the sharp point. Sunny perked her ears up and stared up at the sky. It was starting to get dim, the clouds were dark and heavy. Maybe a storm was about to come. The she-wolf rolled onto her side and closed her eyes for awhile. Sunny's ears perked up to a loud thud. It echoed. She lied there for a short moment before getting up to her paws. She listened for the noise again. Instead there were quiet, almost faint footsteps. They were very quiet, but could be heard if not a lot of noise was going around. Sunny padded closer to where the noise was coming from. A cougar leaped out from the bushes and landed inches before her face. The cougar stared for a short moment, focusing on the she-wolf's face. They stared closely and squinted their eyes, leaning forward. Sunny pulled back her head as they leaned closer. There was a long silence before the cougar's eyes widened. They leaned back onto their paws instead of their toes. Sunny tilted her head and took a step away. The cougar looked left and right before gesturing to the trees and dark fog. Sunny stared with a bit of fear, she lowered her ears and began to feel cautious. The cougar frowned at the she-wolf and tackled her after a short moment. A loud thud echoed through the area, quiet foot steps maybe heard treading over rough ground and leaves.

Kally struggled to keep her balance, but kept moving. The creamy brown wolf behind her was struggling to step on the small rocks. He stared down at his paws for awhile, then looked up to see what the pup was doing. The youth was far up the stream. Almost slipping into the water as she quickly moves rock to rock. Kally stopped as her right front paw started to slip off the rock she had stepped on. She lowered her ears and lifted her paw up slowly from the water. The youth looked up and stared at the white covered mountain top. Kally's ears perked up straight like a hunter's arrow as she realized something. She turned her head and stared back at the creamy brown wolf. The white pup let out a relieved sigh and smirked. She giggled quietly and hesitated to say anything. "Are ya coming, Auggie?" Kally finally said as her smirk soon turned into a mischievous smile. The sound of claws scrapping against stone stopped, Kally struggled not to laugh. The creamy brown pelted wolf slowly rose his head up to look at the pup. He looked extremely irritated and angry. The youth bursted out laughing, losing her balance and falling off the stones. One of them scraped against her left hind leg. Though she barely noticed. Kally's back hit the ground. Her laugh stopped for a short moment once she hit the ground. The white pelted youth rolled onto her side and continued laughing. It slowly got quieter as 'Auggie' stepped across the stones, getting ahead. Kally took a deep breath with a smile before getting up to her paws. "I was kidding, August." The youth said as water dripped from her soaked coat. August didn't answer and continued moving on. Not even wanting to wait. Kally shook the water off her coat and stared at August, who was now far ahead. She rolled her eyes with a smirk before trying to catch up with him.


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